Welcome to aarecon.us

Key personnel

Mark E Davis
EDUCATION: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University 

Mr. Davis currently oversees all company operations.  Also he oversees  and approves all Maintenance/Air Operations for AAR and all of the  relevant aircraft inspections, modifications, and recurring maintenance  and works with the mechanics and engineers.  He is the owner of the  aircraft AAR utilizes and is qualified as Pilot in Command of all  aircraft.

Mr. Davis spent 8  years in the USAF and USAFR as an aircraft mechanic  on both fighter and tanker aircraft.  He is an FAA certified Commercial  pilot and does contract flying and possesses both multi-engine and  instrument ratings.

CONTACT INFORMATION: cell 713-705-2212, email mdavis@aarecon.us

Welcome to Advanced Aerospace Reconnaissance

 AARecon was formed in December of 2008 to meet the airborne test  support requirements for remote sensing and digital imaging needs of a  wide variety of government agencies and commercial organizations.   AARecon expanded operations to providing air support and flight testing  to the US military and defense contractors to further advance our  ability to maintain our air superiority around the world.

AARecon aircraft are capable of carrying external pods, tanks, and  any type system required for a variety of flight test or threat  scenarios.   Most aircraft are previous military type aircraft with hard  points, utilized and reconfigured to the requirements of the mission.

  • AARecon specialization includes:
  • --Close air support (CAS)
  • --Air to Ground Threat Simulation
  • --Joint Tactical Air Control (JTAC) Simulation work.
  • --Air to Air Threat Surrogate Emulation
  • --JRTC exercise support 

AARecon aircraft has just completed flight  testing of the GQM 173A FES/MSST US Navy captive carry cruise missile  surrogate program.  The aircraft completed a 100% sortie schedule  completion with no delays for aircraft maintenance.  AARECON maintains  the highest standard for aircraft maintenance to minimize program costs  and delays in programmed schedules.